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Mastery at Work- Deliberate Practice

One of the important components of attaining Mastery at work is Deliberate Practice. Deliberate practice refers to repetitive practice of important tasks at your job. The practice needs to be systematic, focused, purposeful and done with the end result in mind. The usual end result targeted is improvement in performance.

Deliberate practice consists of the following steps

  1. Planning (setting out work in organized manner, preferably writing down the process for the same).
  2. Focused attention (work with concentration, no distractions)
  3. Continuous Feedback (based on solid measurement of performance, define metrics for the same)
  4. Repetition and rework based on feedback (feedback should be critical and given by an expert/coach)
  5. Reflection (self-Awareness and self-regulated learning based on awareness of one’s own strengths and weaknesses)
  6. Coaching by a mentor/expert ( to track performance based on metrics decided and critical feedback agreed with you).

While we are practicing, it is also very important to remember that you need to like the work you do.

While learning, it is important to embrace criticism and failure and be humble. Be careful not to succumb to insecurities and develop fears when you find a task difficult.

Discipline your mind to face these situations by repeated exposing it to difficult activities which push you outside your comfort zone.

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Mastery at Work – Attaining Mastery at Work

Mastery is not an inborn talent, but needs to be achieved through hard work. To achieve mastery, focus not on money or instant success but on lifelong learning. Mastery is achieved only by determination, perseverance and patience.

Learning could be through either a mentor or self learning.
With a number of rich online resources available, we should be able to draw a map of what do we need to learn to get ahead.

Some apps that I would recommend are Udacity, EdX, Coursera. Latest both on news as well as business via Magzter. Also very resourceful for learning is Facebook by following different pages of your interests.

It is very important to maintain focus despite competing priorities and distractions, we need to earmark time every single day for learning and practice.

Whenever you learn something new, you need to link it with what you have learned previously. This will help you in remembering and applying knowledge.

Secondly, challenge your previous learning too so that you are able to innovate and create new ways of working.

It is highly advisable to maintain a mastery journal to maintain a record of your learnings.

Everytime you learn about a topic it is very important to realise the depth of learning rather than just the breadth.

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