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Mastery at Work – Developing Craftsman Mind-Set

  1. Craftsman mindset believes in systematically crafting careers by developing our abilities.
  2. Compelling careers do not happen, they are pursued with lot of efforts.
  3. Attaining mastery over your job requires you to perfect your job through learning and repeated practice.
  4. Define your masters, who is your role model.
  5. Observe your masters very closely, find out how he/she reached there
  6. Develop specific vision for yourself and find out what are the rare skills which matter in your field of work. Observe your masters closely on how they developed those skills.
  7. While working, avoid instant results and focus on quality.
  8. Never let yourself plateau when it comes to skills.
  9. Practicing new skills puts you in state of discomfort, put yourself into the same frequently.
  10. Remember Deep Work=Good Life.

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