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Mastery at Work – Role of Harmony in Success

Not many authors emphasize the role of harmony at work. Harmony at work and at home can be defined as adaption of the human mind to the environment and also to the fellow human beings who work or live with him.

A positive environment between the person and the environment and between the person and people around him results in release of positive chemicals which can increase in will power, energy levels, and performance resulting in stunning achievements. This is typically demonstrated in sports when the team is cheered by supporters, and there is immense team spirit and comradery among the team members.

On the contrary, a negative environment where the culture of the organization is toxic in nature or the person is surrounded by people who are not motivating or discouraging by nature can interfere with hormones to such an extent that the individual might lose his lose confidence and sink into abyss.

This assumes great importance particularly in personal context because spouse has a great influence on state of mind and harmony in general. It is not uncommon to see spouses making or breaking each other’s career.

Similarly in professional setup, lack of harmony is often the most cause, employees leave the organization and business partnerships break. How do we increase harmony at work? It is up the leaders who set up the right culture at work. We should never be lackadaisical about setting up values and culture in the organization. It is important to ensure both management and employees are working towards common goals. Training the employees in culture and values is very helpful.

Hold everyone equally accountable for work expected from them. Define job roles and KPIs very clearly and monitor on regular intervals. Build a strong feedback mechanism. Having well defined processes will avoid a lot of heartburn and rework. Offer support at all times, even if it means dirtying your own hands in case of missed timelines. Establish good work-life balance. Avoid unfair rewards and bonuses at any cost.

Last but not the least, Open door policy helps and employees feel heard in such organizations. There should be consistent effort to hear the employees, keep the ears to the ground.  Socialize outside of work to know your employees better.  Similarly encourage teams to work together.  Training teams on empathy has shown great results in improving harmony.

Interesting Fact: In certain regions in South Africa, when someone does something wrong, he is taken to the centre of the village and surrounded by his tribe for two days while they speak of all the good he has done. They believe each person is good yet sometimes we make mistakes, which is really a cry for help. They unite in this ritual to encourage the person to reconnect with his true nature. The belief is that unity and affirmation have more power to change behaviour than shame and punishment. This is known as Ubuntu-humanity towards others!

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